Oh Punk

Don't let the sun, go down on me!

One thing I noticed while on the cruise to Finland, was that the booze was cheap -- dirt cheap, and by dirt cheap I mean $8.00 (Canadian) a drink -- by Stockholm standards, that's almost free!

The price is a big hit among young Swedes. You find many -- especially girls -- piling onto these boats so they can drink cheaply and party through the night.

Because of this, the nightclubs aboard the ships are forced to be very strict and card virtually everyone. Only people aged 18 and above are let in.

How's this for disturbing: Walking up to the club and seeing these girls all hoochied out with ultra-short shorts and low cut tops not being let in.

Why? Because they're all underaged. What if you hoooked up with one of them earlier -- not knowing of course -- and then ran into them stuck outside in the line? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

You're what? 17? You just turned 17?

Of course this scenario DID NOT happen to me -- but I mean if it did, it wouldn't be my fault -- they look, sound and act soooo old (like 23 old).

On a brighter note -- literally -- note the setting (see above) sun taken from the boat.

Above: The Viking Cinderella

Above: Seriously! I've been seeing this Viking ship everywhere -- annoying!

Above: Last scenic marina hamlet before open waters.

Above: Some of the over 20,000 islands surrounding Stockholm

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