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Mariah shake-shakes it off at the ACC

Earlier in the week I managed to catch Mariah Carey's: The Emancipation of Mimi concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Despite being the only straight guy in the house (it was all women and gay men) the show was fantastic in terms of her vocals.

She brought down the house with her five octive voice and even broke out old hits ranging from Fantasy to Honey, Vision of Love to I'll be there with Trey Lorenz. Yes, the real Trey Lorenz came out and sang on stage -- which I thought was rather hardcore -- even though he's no one special or anything.

It was also good to see that even though she wasn't as skinny as in the past, she continued to whore it out with her "look-at-my-boobs-they-are-falling-out-of-my-shirt" tops and matching bottoms. Hopefully, next time around she'll just perform naked; I personally can't wait.

Jokes aside she did a great job with the crowd, addressing people, cracking jokes and even stopping the show when her heel caught in the stage. Pretty funny, take a look here. (Please note: That ain't my video link or my girly cackle. I just You Tube'd the video... but the guy in the background of this video is plain annoying. I would've punched him out, damn flamer...)

For a real indepth concert review, the Toronto Star did a good job: See here.

As for my videos, check, check'em out:

Above: Heartbreaker Mix. Starts off with Mariah featuring Da Brat, Missy and Snoop and ends with her and Jay-Z.

Above: We Belong Together. After 1.5 gruelling hours of singing and pigeon-walking, she did a good job ending the show with this. Well done Mariah!

Above: Sean Paul was the opening act, and is seen here performing Temperature. Does anyone know what the fuck he was saying? (Kidding!)


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At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Rubex_Cube said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG I can't wait to see her on the 28th! Damn you Shaun for beating me out on this one too! AHH Miss. Carey's heel getting stuck in the stage was classic, she is pure jokes! :)

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Deathmachine said...

Madonna? Mariah Carrie? Popsicle shirts?

*shakes head*

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Yeah man, I know. I made up for it by going to see Chappelle last night!

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Hey Rubes, her Aug 28th show will be just as good. You'll have a blast:) :)


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