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Mistake on the Lake? No way, Cleveland Rocks!

After three consecutive late-late nights, Sunday brought a very welcomed but terribly bitter twist: an ultra early morning.

4:50 am to be precise. Nothing better than starting a 20 hour day on two hours of sleep.

Nonetheless, my friends AI, Alison, Chin and myself managed (struggled) to wake up before sunrise, piled into my RSX and headed towards Cleveland, Ohio for a randomly spontaneous day of "Don't worry we'll get there and find things to to do."

Above: First stop, Jacob's Field, home of the Cleveland Indians.

Above: A more complete view of "the Jake." Despite having such a gorgeous stadium, the Indians continue to suck. Pudge and his Detroit Tigers hammered them, 7-1. You suck Cleveland.

Above: The rains' is be coming...

Above: The netting around the bullpen prevents the throwing of beer. Did you know that Jacob's Field bans the use of plastic cup lids and straws as they may be used as weapons. WTF?

Above: What's a trip to the "new" Cleveland without stopping by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Above: I have no clue what the Mini Cooper disco balls were all about, but they're such poser cars. If you are a guy and you own one, please check yourself into a sex change clinic.

Above: Let this sticker on the RRHOFM (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum) entrance be a reminder to you, "All backpacks, bags and luggage must be checked in at coat check" -- at coat check son!

Above: The Great Lake Science Centre sells Astronaut ice cream in their giftstore, just like ours. The only difference at this place is they keep your kids once they step foot inside -- it's posted on their sign. Sorry stupid kids, y'all aint leaving!

Above: Don't let the gentrified downtown core fool you. Cleveland is still the Mistake on the Lake. And don't let Alison fool you. Her dinner pick took us right into the heart of the ghetto. "Alison, where the fuck are you taking us?" Ever see that Judgement Night movie with Emilio Estevez? If not check out the trailer...

Above: I'm sorry but I am not stopping here, nor eating am I here. Dave Chappelle was right: There's nothing worse than being taken to the ghetto unexpectedly.

Above: See? There's some guy running, obviously as fast as he could. To top things off, there wasn't a soul in sight. No other cars. Nothing! Nothing, except run down buildings and some guy pushing a Kmart cart.

Above: RSXXXY made it out in one piece, but fuck y'all -- especially the homeless brother who hustled me out of $1.60 to catch a bus. "Yo brother, help me out. You see, I need to get a bus, and I need uhh, something like exactly $1.60 to catch the bus. Can you hook me up. All I got is $0.30"-- that sales pitch worked on me.

Above: Watch out for dancing robots...

Above: ... and dancing Latinos. We decided NOT to eat in the ghetto, and found a cool street fest complete with Latin beats, a rock band, lots of food and some scantily clad alcohol models. "Latinos like when people sing garbled lyrics over a microphone..." (Hey, Chappelle was right again, the video proves it...)


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At 11:42 AM, Anonymous FreeCyprus said...

Actually...yeah, Cleveland DOES rock.

-- FreeCyprus
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