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Paul McCarthy Exhibit

I heard there was this big Paul McCarthy exhibit in town (not to be confused with Paul McCarthney*) so I checked it out at the Moderna Museet.

Talk about GROSS! His exhibit, the Head Shop is simply disturbing.

Imagine being whisked into a large room while 5 videos are played simultaneously. Some are porngraphic, the others are made up of people wearing cartoon elf masks while they chainsaw something unseen -- the common demoninator is that there is blood imagery and carnage EVERYWHERE.

His artistic concept was to use ketchup as blood, and boy did he use a lot!

After watching the movie, you were free to explore a replica of the set of the movies. The only thing, was the sets were set up to look like murder scenes -- making it very creepy considering that that you just saw the murder / porn videos. The entire set was coated in ketchup and chocolate sauce to give it the effect of a real blood.

Talk about bizzaro!

Above: A mock murder scene -- the blood is really ketchup & chocolate sauce

Above: Yes, very creepy!

*Note: If I ever run into Paul McCarthney -- as in the singer from the Beatles -- I'm so fighting him. I actually have beef with him, and it has to be settled. It would suck if I was owned by Sir Paul though.

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At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Chin said...

*if* you were owned by PM? laugh... who do you think you are?

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

I can take Paul McCarthney. I'm sure I can. Ever see him in that video with Michael Jackson. What a ___. I can take him.


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