Oh Punk

What's on the MTV.se?

You know what I'll miss the most about Europe? The fact that their Europop videos are full of scantily clad women! How can we forget Call on me?

Move over rap videos, these girls own...

Above: Sunblock - I'll be Ready. I've been hearing this in the clubs, it's really a cheasy Eurodance version of the Baywatch theme song. Two thumbs up!

Above: Sunblock - First Time. I don't even know what this video is about, but I still love it -- probably because the girls kiss in it... damn...

Above: On the flip side of the coin, I won't miss any of this Swedish Rap! Can you believe this was number one on the MTV Scandanavia countdown my entire trip here? WTF? Glassigt! Ok, after two weeks -- the beat grows on you, I won't lie, but where are the girls?


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