Oh Punk

Coolin' at the playground, ya know?

I was kicking it at the Entity's house and THIS video came on:

In keeping with yesterday's child labour theme, I figured "Ayesha" by Another Bad Creation (ABC) was appropriately hilarious! ... fast forward to the 43 second mark.

The dance routines alone are enough to kill you with their hysterics! The early 90's overdone acting makes me laugh and laugh. Oh man, this video is just so wicked! I can't believe this song was played non-stop when I was a kid! Awesome!

And why is there one teenaged guy in this group? Isn't he too old for this? That motherfucker is almost as tall as me. What's he doing rolling with Chris, Rock, Jim and whatever their names are?

Speaking of cheasy songs, how can we forget Bobby Brown's old group, New Edition -- don't lie, y'all fucking love this song... no need to front like you're too cool for this shit...

It's extra funny when they all gang up and swarm the nerdy phone guy -- one even hits him on the head -- until Otis walks in and cleans things up... "Halarious!"

I'm gonna dress up like this for my next casual day at the office! Watch me!

Whitney Houston eat your heart out you coked out bitch! That's right, I snubbed you when I saw your strung out ass in the Caribbean on that Disney Cruise! That was me son! Me!!!


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At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Chin said...

but why would anyone say they didn't like NewEdition? they're universally loved!

i got bbd up on my wall!

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

I have no clue. New Edition is Bryant Gumble approved.

As for Bel Biv Devoe.. on your wall? I ain't never seen that before? F'real?


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