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Hello NFL: This is how we roll...

The past Sunday, a bunch of us from the office -- here in Toronto -- were taken down to see the Bufallo Bills' home opener vs. the New York Jets. Here's the story of that day in pictures:

Above: Sure they're not Hummers, but the two SUV limousines that arrived to pick us up were more than enough! Note the trailer to carry all our tailgate party supplies! "This is how we do.."

Above: Kicking back watching 40-Year Old Virgin (The picture is not blurry, the people are just drunk)

Above: Don't let the Tim Horton's coffee cups fool you. The only coffee drinking done was to wake us up! Note: Someone in the foreground was already dipping into the alcohizzle yet the sun hadn't even fully risen...

Above: Let the drinking begin...

Above: You know you're in the States when there's a guy trying to walk-thru the Wendy's Drive-Thru. What's bizzare was that he stormed away from the window, jumped into his car and drove away. WTF? Why didn't he just drive through in the first place?

Above: I'm sorry. Even though your beautiful co-worker gives you props because she's wearing tennis socks, it's not cool to be a guy and rock these!

Above: We ran out of liquor fast. Thank God (and white trash) for the Twinlo Drive Thru beverage mart!

Above: No, I'm serious... it really is a Drive-Thru liquor store (see the signs?)

Above: Replenished and good to go!

Above: ... but it didn't last. While stuck in construction traffic on the interstate, we lost three men to "pee" (What you don't see is the miles of cars beside them! Their assumed formation is awesome though...)

Above: ... and of course scared that we would leave them once traffic started opening up, they sprinted back -- while people in traffic cursed at them for peeing! (Video)

Above: While most tailgated in front of their Chevy Luminas, we broke out the tent and had a fully catered tailgate party. Roasted Chicken, burgers, sausage, you name it. It sure beats sitting around on lawn chairs! (We broke out the lawn chairs later...)

Above: Americans are fucking pigs... People just ditched their cans on the ground before entering the stadium. Fuck. Gross. No wonder I was stuck sitting beside some fat-ass trucker bitch who took up one and a half seats. She tried talking to me, but I shot her down. Then started saying stuff like "I fucking hate Bufallo - it's a hell hole. They should move their NFL team to Toronto. The people of B-lo don't even have jobs, how can they deserve an NFL franchise?" -- she gave me a bad look. She spent most of the game grunting, and banging her hands on the bleachers. Chill lady, chill! I was not impressed.

Above: Ahhhh NFL cheerleaders. How can you NOT love them?

Above: We weren't sitting near the front row like previous times, but the end-zone seats we had allowed for greater depth percecption (Except for the fat-ass chick who's thighs kept rubbing into me -- again, gross and *shudder* That shit was way too 3D for my liking!)

Above: Some fans were really into the game...

Above: ... and some weren't!

Above: ... and some just hated the Jets (Video - not work friendly)

Above: ... and some just hated my boy! Don't ever make the mistake of wearing a green Yankee's hat to Bufallo when the Jets are in town -- they'll think you're a Jets fan. And don't start trash talking people who are heckling you, they'll actually fight you. From this incident (on video), to fans throwing garbage (lots), to even one random psycho running down from another section "I'm going to KILL you" it was one classless nightmare. My co-worker had to leave the game early. People in Bufallo are so low class, no wonder they're so ghetto.

Above: Holla atcha boy!

Above: All and all it was an awesome time. A long, long day -- but awesome fun day! Thanks to Kien for the invite, and props to Dr. Watson for making the roadtrip. And of course respect to Rob at APSizzle for flying down from Balitmore and flipping the bill on this trip. Next stop either Miami or Detroit Rock City!

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At 5:23 PM, Anonymous A.Roberson said...

Your blog is off the hook! I love the way you use photos to illustrate your story.
I've got a story for you as well. It's called "Vegas Baby...Oh, what a Night". It's the 3rd entry from the top. You've gotta check it out! I've added pics on my photoblog to help bring it to life.

Check it out and lemme know what you think.

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Thanks for the compliments! Much appreciated! Still experimenting in style before I launch my blog fully -- but thanks!

I'll certainly check your blog!:)


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