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How to walk away from a $10,507 fine

For those calling "bs" on my library fine post, here's your proof, straight from the librarian's computer:

With that all cleared up, how exactly do you walk away from a $10,507 library fine you ask?

Simple. Just make up an outrageous but believable story...

... "uhhh.. sorry, I've been living in Sweden for the last few years, so I haven't had any chance to bring these back. I've been dying to bring them back ever since I recovered them. Three years ago, I was on campus and someone stole my car -- I had planned to return my books after class. How ironic? But they just took off with my car and that was that. My books were locked in the trunk. Anyhow, while in Sweden a year later they found my car in Quebec, it was parked in some lot. So the insurance / police had my personal belongings returned by UPS, and sure enough the 19 overdue books were in the package as well. Anyhow, now I'm back in town for a few days and finally have the chance to bring them to you. It would be such a shame and waste to throw these great books out..."

At this point the library person becomes so compassionate! "They stole your car, and found it in Quebec? That happened to me twice - they stole our van, and it was gone. We were stuck. I can't believe some of the people, they don't realize how many people they inconvenience by their actions."

Anyhow, to make a longer story even shorter, I went on about how I will be in Canada for a few days, and that I would take public transit and bring the books in. And that's what I did -- well I drove -- but I parked around the side, and wheeled them books in a suitcase.

Ahhhhh yes. Bye bye, fine!

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At 11:32 PM, Anonymous david said...

hahaha this blog is whack, I am bookmarking it.
but a $10 000 fine for library books? O_o damn!

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

What as in GOOD? Or whack as in BAD? laugh.


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