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The Grinch Who Stole Halloween

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Every Who
Down in Who-ville
Liked Christmas a lot...

But the Grinch
Who lived just North of Who-ville,
Did NOT!

Apparently the Grinch loved Halloween. Behold my ridiculous Halloween costume: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Although I'm missing some make up and accessories (ie. my stuffed dog with antlers) in the main picture -- I didn't have time to prep the first night I went out -- the costume was a hit. I could not walk anywhere without people stopping me. Not bad for a last minute costume!

Groups of girls, people in party busses, old people, drunk guys, you name it. All I could hear everywhere I went was "Hey Grinch!!!, what's up?"and of course "You're a mean one, Mister Grinch"-- hilarious!

What I really loved, was how people would for a present, and when I broke out some miscellaneous candy from my bag they would go CRAZY! Awesome hearing people just screaming out loud -- in groups too! "Ya for the Grinch!"

Halloween is always just such an awesome time. As my friend Chin once said, "It's the only time of the year where girls have an excuse to dress like complete skanks!" I agree.

Jeers to anyone who didn't dress up (Yes that means you Chris, George and Kelly and everyone at Kevin's Birthday! "WTF? I'm the only person dressed up here -- I'm outta here!")

Jeer go out to any idiots who were out causing serious trouble! It's inevitable that a few bad apples will always come out and ruin people's evenings! Take for instance this incident:

While walking along a busy street, my friends and I made our way to another night club. En route, a stretched SUV limo drives by, with some loser hanging out the window. He sees me and throws somethings at me as his limo wizzes by.

A spherical silver object flies through the air and hits me in the sternum. The object bounces from my chest, and falls to my feet. I pick the object up to see that it's a plastic piece of the limo's vent. I looked back for the thrower, but the limo was already in the distance.

WOW! It's a good thing that guy had bad aim, because a few more inches higher and that projectile would've hit me in the face.

And that's when I pictured this loser sitting in his limo saying some shit like "Did you see me hit that guy?" and then all his friends would give him props.


NO ONE is running that shit on me.


So I just looked around at my friends and a few people who were staring at me. "I'm gonna go fuck that guy up. I'M GONNA FUCK HIM UP..."

And just like that I bolted down the street. In my entire Grinch set-up I sprinted down the crowded sidewalk with my eyes locked onto the limo stuck in the crowded club district core. As I wizzed by the masses I could here endless remarks of people trying to get my attention: "Hey look it's the Grinch!" "Hey Grinch" "Grinch where are you running to?"

I ignored every thing, I had one target in mind.

Just my luck, the limo was stuck at a very busy club-area intersection (Adelaide and John Street for all the TO people out there...)

I quickly scanned the intersection for the usual police in their yellow jackets. NONE! Yesss!

And that was that, Grinch mode was in full effect. I jump on to the side board of the limo, whipped the piece of plastic at the neck of the drive-by-thrower (Who by the way was looking at me in horror! He just sat there, frozen in terror).

I then instinctively grabbed the guy -- a 20 year old, blonde kid -- by the collar and began wailing on his nose and face.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. I hit him really hard. So hard that he's going to be bruised badly (Thanks Andy, your boxing classes own!). I hit him so hard that my hand hurt for the rest of the night.

I wasn't done. I jumped off the sideboard, and tried opening the door. It was locked. By the time I jumped back up, they had closed the window. I was pissed!

"What the fuck? You locked the door? Be a fucking man. If you're gonna throw shit from a moving car, when someone comes to teach you a lesson come out and face it you fucking pussy!"

The Grinch was screaming! Can you imagine? Especially with my ass in this ridiculous Grinch outfit? Seriously!

"You're not safe in there! You think I can't follow you in a cab? What? I ain't got money? I'm rich bitch. You're fucking dead buddy!"

But at which point, I came back to my senses. My friends had my car keys. With them not knowing where I took off to, I figured it'd be wiser to just go back and find them. Although the thought of taking it further did cross my mind, I figured if I took it any further, it'd be another "When keeping it real goes wrong" moments. There was the whole illegal factor!

Fuck! Honestly, I'm getting mad just thinking about this incident. I'm glad he learned his lesson -- now his friends really have something to talk about:

"Remember back in 2006 when Tommy got his ass kicked by the Grinch..."

Fucking right.

Above: I don't know who's Christmas present this one is, but I'm stealing her.

Above: The lolli-pops were a hit with the girls! These ones took us into the club (Yay for the bunnies!)

Above: Getting owned by some robot (which was a wicked costume, because not only did he have a guy controlling him with a remote-control, but he had a computerized voice synthesizer)

Above: Random chickitas on the street --man, I look ridicuous!

Above: I don't know how Borat got into this shot, but I found it funny that there was a Santa Clause in the club. "Yo Grinch, there's Santa, go fight him!"

Above: More random girls, I have a whole camera full of this stuff...

Above: You try driving with stockings. Talk about uncomfortable! I now know what you girls go through!

Above: Apparently I'm dirty and she was going to "dust me away", wonder if she knows how to use a hoover -- jk jk..

Above: Chin and I. What's Chin dressed as? COME ON. Look closely. LOOK! Alright, still got no idea? Here's a clue: Cosby Show! Still can't figure it out? Check out this video. Chin spent 5 days sewing that masterpiece together. Well done Chin. Well Done.

Above: Remember when I said, I couldn't go anywhere without people stopping me? I managed to tape this on incident where I was cutting through a secluded area of a dark parking lot. I still got stopped! Damn. These guys wanted me to come with them to their club - fuck that. I ain't getting raped!

Above: Someone, no names, affectionately entitled the cage and the stage of dancing girls around it, "The Tower of Punani"

Above: My poor stuffed dog with antlers strapped to it's head is passed out amongst the alcohol. Julia/Marie! That's the last time, I'm trusting you with my dog, cell phone and camera! Ugh, I can't get Kev's face of my phone now *shakes head*


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At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Chin said...

yo, why do you look so sad in your main picture??

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Wasn't the Grinch always sad? I had other pics too.. but.. blah.. laziness I guess...

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Wasn't the Grinch always mean and/or sad? I had lots of pics -- but was lazy. Should I change it?

ps. Gordon Gartrelle in the house!


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