Oh Punk

Happy Hallowizzle...

Let's play a game, try and find girls in this picture:

Solution: There are none!

What did you expect? Halloween on a Tuesday means no parties and no fun. I found a Soca jam out in Hamilton -- but I wasn't about to drive all the way there for a party full of Hamilton's finest, a couple brothers and a whole bunch of fat white-trash chicks. Pass! (Pass as in fail!)

So with no where else to go, we wound up in Gayville. Yes, Toronto's Gay village -- but -- it turned out to be a good time. Some awesome costumes about, and lots of non-'omosexuals.

Above: When I asked these guys "Hey Trannies, can I get a picture with you?" they looked me up and down before saying yes. WTF? I was wearing tights. Ahh it was fun, a few hardcore gay men loved my costume, so I'd mutter shit like "Don't fucking lie, you love it. You love the fucking Grinch" -- I'm such an ass.

Above: Yeah, the grinch outfit was out in full force, however I didn't do all my make up again. Anyhow, the Asian tourists were all about me (see there were girls there too!). The kept grabbing me and asking to be in pictures with me. Funny, funny! I don't know how many pictures I posed for. Come to think of it, many were locals. I better not appear on no Gay Magazines. "Yo, I saw you on the cover of Toronto Gay Magazine weekly..." WTF?

Above: "What's up university girls?" This picture was just funny because their boyfriend's were in the foreground all mad that I was talking to their women. You should have seen them watching me as I spoke. Their arms crossed. I can just imagine them saying "Who the fuck is this guy, giving candies to our girlfriends" Fuck, relax you losers, your girls stopped me -- so insecure! They tried to punk me after, it didn't go down.

Speaking of punks, we saw a few out about. A few ran out of an alley and threw at least a dozen eggs onto an unsuspecting cab right in front of me. I honestly thought my car was next!

"I think I'm going down. I can't believe this is going down in my own town..."

Shaunie Brasco had to Regulate! I positioned my car so that I'd be able to run them over if they threw something and tried to run away. I started revving my engines making sure my car would launch if I needed to. These punks were running into an alley -- they're asses would be so dead if I chose to take them out.

Next, I rolled down my window and yelled "If you fuckers hit my car I'll fucking come out and shoot you!"

I can't believe I said shit like that. Must be this Grinch costume. It's a bad influence on me. I'm glad I'm done with it *phew*

Thankfully for their asses, they didn't try any shit on my ass -- we wouldn't want another incident of the Grinch fucking someone up!

And on the other side of town a few hours earlier my boy Chin had some good times giving out candies to the punks to. This is how he reacted to some non-costumed Trick-or-Treaters:

Two guys come by. One has some fake blood on his face and neither of them have a
costume on. Here we go...

Me:Hey guys.” (grabs one piece of candy) “what're you supposed to be?” I say to the plain guy.
His friend:He doesn't want to be anything” (drops candy into his bag)
Me:Really? That's too bad. I guess you don't like candy neither
Plain guy: “...”
(they walk away)

That's right, son!
You should read the rest of his antics that night, here.


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At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Jay said...

Regulatooooooooooors! Mount up!

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Ha! That's taking it back!


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