Oh Punk

What a morning...

Saturday mornings are never easy, epsecially when you are to wake up early to pick up a guest from London.

Factor in a late Friday outing of heavy drinking and things start to go downhill. Did I forget to mention we all had plenty of cash on hand, and knew the bartenders? What... a... DISASTER!

Upon rolling out of bed I could feel zombification taking over my body. I mindlessly stumbled to the fridge. I was in need of some hydration.

Despite the vast amount of liqour in my fridge, my Terminator-2-find-shit vision found what I was looking for: Gatorade.

For those of you who don't know, Gatorade is the cure for all post-drinking situations. Trust me!

(Yes, that is really my fridge, sad, I know!)

Below: Apparently, she loves Gatorade more than I...

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