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Borat Madness!

After a nice dinner -- a bunch of us went to see the new Borat movie, here's a bit of the actual starting:

Although an hour and a half of Borat-mania is a bit much, the movie was still unbelievably funny and in typical Ali-G/Borat fashion, done with unbelievably bad taste -- awesome!

Speaking of bad taste, you know what's bad? Telling your friends you're coming to something and then not showing up. That's just bad. If you have other plans, and said you were in, call someone and let them so that they don't have to make provisions for your MIA ass.

You know what's worse? Telling them you were going to a movie, and not showing up. And then your friends go to the theatre -- a bit earlier than planned -- and see YOU leaving!!! (I thought YOU weren't able to come?)

And then, when your friends confront you in the parking lot -- just to say "What's up?" -- YOU drive away pretending you didn't see them! Damn, that's cold. They were jsut saying "Hi"

And when they call YOU, YOU do the old "Hello??? Hello?? Hello??" I can't hear you trick!

I frankly didn't really care, I didn't even witness this, but the other were MAD. If YOU want to sell out, that's fine. Just don't get mad when awesome things go down and YOU don't get invited...

"Yo, so and so won $4.3 million and took us on a 21 day trip all over the place. We all got cars as presents too! No won called you, because they just figured you'd say you were coming and sell out..."


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