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Casino Royale: New Bond owns!

Who the hell is Daniel Craig? There's NO way he could replace Pierce Brosnan as the new James Bond. Right?

WRONG! Wrong!

In typical Shaun-Anthony-Chin tradition, we managed to catch the new 007 flick, Casino Royale, on opening night. The verdict? This movie is certainly not your typical Bond movie of late.

No overly hot supermodel women (although I'd give it to Vesper, aka Eva Green anyday). No over the top space lasers. No over the top ultra-hightech gadgets. None of it. *sigh*

They took a more oldschool approach with the movie. Lots of hand on hand fighting. Regardless, Daniel Craig managed to pull it off.

Talk about being a mean Bond!

Check out the trailer...

Above: The new Bond trailer...

Above: You know what's pretty funny? Not-to-be a nerd, but before the movie started, the lot of us guys were playing competitive Tetris wirelessly against each other on Nintendo DS. Laugh!

When it comes to playing Tetris wirelessly -- it's worse than playing sports! Too much competition, spite and bitterness. "Yo, I want a rematch. You're so dead fucker, you're SO dead! You didn't win last round -- I messed up. It's like winning the Indy 500 because I wasn't paying attention and smashed up my ride! I want next! I want next!"

I used to be soooo cool... what happened? Regardless, Nintendo DS is very addictive. It's scary. YOu don't even care what people think once you're playing -- reason #1 I'm *not* purchasing my own unit.


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At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Lil Lex said...

You were never cool. Just accept it, and stop hiding your collection of ST:TNG DVDs. And don't front like you don't know what ST:TNG stands for either.

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...


I don't have an Sting DVDs. I only know one Sting song. Desert Rose...

Was he part of the Police or something?


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