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Mac vs PC: Part 2...

Someone at Apple was specifically thinking about me when they launched a certain advertisement. Damn Apple marketing execs, I swear.

Steve Jobs, why'd you have to do this?

I've never seen anyone do anything so low in my entire life.

In the war of Mac vs. PC this is the equivalent to the introduction of the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki. So colour me atomic-bombed, I'm waving the white flag. Yes, that's right Al, MACs own and PCs suck.

Yes, you heard me loud and clear. PCs suck!

Why the sudden change of heart? Is it the realization that Windows Vista is really OS X? Is it *insert 1000 pieces of Apple propoganda here*?

No. This commercial is why:

Damn it! Of all people. Giselle!! Ugh, that is soooo not cool; I love her!

I know I made pacts to not say any jerk things but Giselle is really my *IDEAL* woman.

Drop dead gorgeous, tall, sophisticated, classy, refined, successful, has a great accent -- and I'm sure a great personality.

Darn hot Brazillian-born-germans. Apparently she has a twin sister...

Now if only I could find a genie...

Kazaam, where you at? I know you're out there, I haven't seen you on the Miami Heat bench for a while! Grant me my wish dog!

But seriously...

... if these are the guys she's dating post-Leo, then I've got a chance! (ha!)


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