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My 10-year highschool reunion!

This past weekend was my high school's 10 year reunion! Contrary to popular belief, I did *NOT* spend most of the night doing this:

Talk about, being wasted in pictures, ugh!

So where was I? Ahh, yes, the 10 year reunion of Father Michael Goetz's graduating class of 1996. Man, I'm getting old.

Conventionally, 10-year's are held at banquet halls with a formal sit-down dinner, an MC, a DJ and of course a dance floor. Being that people from my school were probably too cool (or cheap) for whole dinner event and/or the fact that this event was organized at the very last-minute, our reunion took place at a local lounge-club -- conveniently around the corner from my place. In that case I will take another Heineken, or five... but none of these (careful!), the beer has gone bad...

For a last minute event it was well planned, and 100 of the 400 students in our graduating class actually RSVP'ed. Needless to say it was a great time -- especially catching up with a few very cool / awesome people that I haven't seen in years!

It's good to know that people are doing well! It's a nice, happy, encouraging feeling...

I could write on and on about how much fun the night was and how I CB'ed* Chin, but I'm a statistics type of guy. Numbers tend to tell a better story, so I'll let the numbers do the rest of the talking for this post:

Number of graduates who showed up of the 400: 70

Number of people who became doctors: 1

Number of once gangsters who became doctors: 0

Pretty girls who married doctors: 1

Times people asked me if "What I was doing career wise was legal?": 3 (Did people have that little faith in me?)

Number of times C3 said "coo" : 3

Shots I bought for random girls: 2

Shots bought for me by random girls: 1 (Where the fuck is this women's lib / equality thing?)

Cliques that formed throughout the lounge: 7

People who were once FAT and now are completely not: 1

Highschool sweethearts that got married: 1

Girls who were hot in highscool, got married, had a kid and are still Eva Longoria hot: 1

People who FORGOT my name: 0 (fucking right you didn't...)

Friends including myself who pooled together all of our change to buy the last round: 3

Number of the 70 that showed that I've seen/talked to in the last little bit: 23

Friends of mine that didn't show: SEVERAL

People that I really wanted to see but didn't show: 11

People that I *really* wanted to *see* that didn't show: 2

Times "I wanna sex you up" by Color Me Badd was played: 1

People that emailed me from Europe saying that they couldn't make it: 2

Times people used my name to get in because they were not on the guestlist: 2

Number of times I said "I'm so wasted": 47

Number of words in our school's motto "Take a risk, get involved, be committed": Ahhh too many to count...

But the night was great -- I'm glad it actually went down! Props to Carly, Sarah and Ivan for putting this night together.

And with regards to CB'ing Chin, according to an eyewitness -- two girls had walked by Chin. He said some smart comment, they giggled, and continued walking. Later, I engaged in coversation with the two just for fun. Chin declare's that I cock-blocked him.

Technically, I didn't CB you because a) I was not interested in them and b) they clearly continued walking -- so you can't be running that "Shaun is a CB'er game" here. They left!!!

Plus, I knew the pretty-spanish one from the gym, even though you pointed her out -- I had to say "Hi!" -- just making conversation -- because, that's what I do, and that's all I did...


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At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Chin said...

like, TOTALLY? That's so radical!

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Jay said...



At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Rubes said...

hehe I know who that eye witness is...but will not share....it was classic though from what I have heard muhahahahah

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Blondie said...

Number of school mottos Blondie knows: 3
Number of those that belong to schools she actually attended: 0
Number of people I have seen since High School that I care nothing about: far too many
Number of people I haven't seen since High School that I want to see: 5
Number of "popular" guys I have seen since high school who are now FAR TOO LOSERY: 10
Number of deadbeats turned smart: 2

Last new years was somehow arranged by someone who knows EVERYONE I went to HS with. It was a mini reunion of people I didn't care to see. Good times.

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Jay: Well, ok, C3 didn't say "coo" once that night (at least I didn't hear him) but if he did say it three times, it would've been like this: "coo, coo, coo!" ... haha! All in one go.

Ruby: I'm sure it was classic from what you saw too. But will you agree that it wasn't a CB and a friendly hello. I did come back? Right?!

Blondie: Even your blog responses are great! LOVED your lil countdown. Actually there usually are many deadbeats who turned smart -- it's so impressive isn't it? And the TOO loosery thing, hilarious, none of them showed!:)


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