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Neighbourly Encounters 2: I'm an a**hole...

The other day I ran into my neighbour Matt in the elevator. We were just hanging in the corridor of our condo, talking trash about our neighbours.

"Yeah, that girl is a ho man, she brings home different guys every weekend..." and "...that guy is a fucking weirdo!"

The topic quickly switched to my immediate neighbours. And before I could say Anvisol, I was running my usual smack on them: "I fucking hate those guys. They're just renting the unit from the owner. I fucking hate those guys. I can't wait until they move..."

Suddenly my neighbour drops this gem: "Yeah, you're right. What the hell is wrong with them? Every morning when I'm on my way to work, I can hear them blasting their music. I mean who does that? It's not even 8am yet!"

My follow-up?

"Uhhh, actually, thats me who's blasting the music!"


But it's true. I have no respect for my immediate neighbours what-so-ever, I hate them. I don't even know why I hate them -- I just do, randomly even.

So how loud is loud? Here's a video demo from my hallway:

Yes, I'm an asshole...

... especially considering I left that Maneater song on loop! Take that neighbours, take that!


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