Oh Punk

Ain't I a biatch?

After a crazy week of going-out, I decided that last night was to be a low key evening. A few friends and I gathered together to watch my Falcons get TROUNCED by the Romo and the Cowboys.

First of all, does anyone else think NFL Network broadcasts suck? Second of all, am I the only person that sees two black guys in this shot?

It's funny, because my brain doesn't register that other guy as being, y'know... ....anyway, I'm going off topic. So we decided to go on a food run. We chose to frequent the fine dining establishment lovingly known to us as Wendy's.

Boy oh boy was the service miserable. The chickita behind the counter had face so sour, it would make sucking rotten lemon juice seem to give you instant diabetes. She refused to make eye contact with anyone, and when my 'special order' chicken nuggets were ready she barked out "YOUR NUGGETS ARE READY" and slammed it on the counter.

Why're you taking your frustrations out on me? I was nice. Geez! I grabbed my food, walked over to the area where the utensils were and surprise, surprise -- they were completely cleaned out. I walked back to the counter and patiently waited for some utensils.

The girl at the counter ignored me.

I waited until she was sort of looking my way and then politely blurted "Excuse me? Do you have any additional cuttlery?"


And which point I lost it and dropped a "No wonder you work here!"

I know. I'm horrible, but seriously, what a bitch!!! The guy beside me gave me the most puzzled look of shock I've ever seen. It's as if I said something so terribly wrong. As if I didn't push then button after 108 minutes had expired.

When I told my friends who had by this point already got their food and went back to the car, one of them said: "You should have said 'No wonder you work here!' and then looked at the guy who was standing at the counter beside me and add 'Ain't that right cousin?' and kinda pretend that I was his friend. That way the girl would go behind the wall and spit in his order. It'd be two punks for the price of one."

Hilarious, I love it!

On a side note. Doesn't the girl from the Wendy's logo girl look familiar?

Think about... Carrot Top anyone?

LAUGH! It would also suck to get beat up by Carrot Top.


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