Oh Punk

End it on on a high!

So if you've been reading my blog, you by now know that 2006 has been the year of weddings.

I was invited to eight weddings -- scratch that -- nine weddings this year...

That's right, nine... in one year!!!

Ugh, I'm so getting old. Now only I could find a girl who's at least 5'6", intellectually stimulating, beautiful, stylish, funny, thin, educated, good family background, morals and makes at least... errr nevermind... *grin*

Congratulations to my friend Mike and his beautiful wife Julia who tied the knot last night at the glamorous Windsor Arms in Toronto.

It was a perfect evening and will definitely go down in the books for many years to come. Awesome food, music and fun! On that note, despite drinking throughout the night and getting home at nearly 5:00am, I'm not hung over today...

... however, there's some serious partying going down tonight it's New Years Eve! So hopefully this time tomorrow, I won't be as bad as this:

One year we all went downtown to a club event on New Years Eve. We all drank very hard. We cabbed it home and a few of my friends stayed in the guest rooms at my parents house. One of my friends (no names of course) stumbles into my room -- where my then girlfriend was also conveniently sleeping (not scantily clad sadly) -- and tugs at my sheet until I wake up. I wake up. I look at him and in the saddest voice I hear "I don't feel well. Can you take me to the hospital!"

CLASSIC!!! You're hung over son! HUNG OVER! They ain't got no cure for you! Too bad we didn't know about Gatorade back then...

Above: And what's a wedding with out me and some ultra-fancy car?

Above: And of course a picture of the ceiling. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Hmm...


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