Oh Punk

Happy New Years...

Boy did I ever have a crazy (fun) time last night. Anyhow, thankfully I'm not in as bad shape as I thought I'd be!

Aside from the obvious, one of my favourite things about ringing in the new year is the actual countdown:

... and drinking of course!

I love when I get really drunk and start speaking in that Chappelle-Olden-day-nasal-gangster sounding voice and become completely obnoxious by saying ridiculous things. Ironically, as terrible as it is, it's incredibly silly at the same time:


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At 8:29 PM, Anonymous chin said...

wow, i don't remember any of that video stuff happening!

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

f'real? you don't! someone was drinking a bit hard then (and it wasn't me. My blurry vision was later attributed to a cold -- I went to see my doctor!)


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