Oh Punk

Kicking it in Calgary, Alberta

So today's event in Calgary didn't go quite as planned.

We had a very poor turn out from our customer base which was disappointing considering my boss was at the event. Not only that, but we managed to put together some great content, brought in some great speakers and held everything in a fabulous venue with great food and great prizes.

Damn corporate IT people. They don't know what they're missing!

Work aside, I managed to find my new true love: Crab (and/or Lobster) Ravioli. Seriously, the stuff is delicious. Managed to eat it at both The Metropolitan Grill and Joey (talk about HOT waitresses) and was in heaven both times!

My new mission for 2007 is to find some good -- and I mean GOOD -- Crab (and/or Lobster) ravioli in the Greater Toronto area. I'm willing to pay top dollar!

On a side note, I managed to hang out with my friends "Blondie" and Melissa. Good times! Thanks for taking me out guys, you are both awesome!

Above: The Rocky Mountains just west of Calgary (taken from a plane of course)


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