Oh Punk

Some words of advice...

Lately, I've been hearing some real sap stories -- from guys of all people -- whining about girls they liked but never asked out, and now they're no longer available.

I have no sympathy for you my friends. All I can leave you with are these words to live by: "Hesitation leads to masturbation..."

Now you know, so get back out there, and smarten up.

Above: On a funny side note, three of my non-married friends and I have a friendly wager -- the Wedding Pact -- to see who will get married last. That's not a middle finger btw, that's a bare ring finger -- laugh!

As for being the last to get married, I hope it's not me! I can only imagine the punkage about coming in last for that one. Kyra is still single, maybe I'll call her -- Kyra, what's your number?


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At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Lil Lex said...

He's not talking about me!

At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Sure aint... sure aint..

This is more of a blanket statement to all... (even outside Team ID)

At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

Technically, Al never asked Cathy out, and she's no longer available, so he counts!

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...


He's not part of the wedding pact though!

That's just me, you, jon and Chinwhat..


At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Chin said...

i don't like this race.

At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Either do I, but really -- do you want to finish last?

The only time finishing last is acceptable if you get a stellar stellar stellar - scarlett johansen type -- wife though... But, we'd have to put that to a vote. In such case the second last place gets punked.

But you sure as hell know the second last place guy AIN'T voting for you!


At 9:14 PM, Anonymous e-karl said...

What girl wouldn't want this?


DEFINITE GOLD!!! Had to post this on TWO blog entries.. its that good. LOL

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...


At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Court said...

so you don't want to finish last, thats a first! all the guys i know say the "never" want to get married....if not they want to wait forever! lol

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Shaun said...

Finishing LAST is not something to be proud of! No one wants to be that "last guy"

That sucks! lol


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