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View from the Top

Spent a chunk of the day moving my friend John into his new condo across from the Rogers Centre. What a terrific view!

At 40 floors up, John can even watch Toronto Bluejay games for free; assuming the roof is open of course:

Once again Chin & myself, proved to be truly reliable movers. I even cancelled a HOT date! Chin and Shaun, moving people efficiently since 1997:

On a closing note, after moving we were starving. We decided to eat something different and try an Indian resaturant called Ghandi down on Queen Street. Stupid Chin orders for us, telling the hardcore brown lady that we would like three HOT Butterchicken and Roti dishes. She must've seen me and thought I'll make that extra spicy!

Boy did we ever get owned.

Not only was it so incredibly spicy that we were sweating as if just ran the Boston marathon -- but -- it was steaming hot. Even 20 minutes later, steam was still coming out of the food.

Fuck. I dread using the lavatory tomorrow...


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At 5:59 PM, Anonymous e-karl said...

A Little Indian food to experience the "Orient Express"... and right from your own a$$... sucker.

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

haha.. GROSS!!!

On for the record, it felt more like Nagasaki...

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Blondie said...

Sooooo in that picture there, was that when you were moving INTO the garage...or out of it?

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Shaun said...

That was us in a truck -- moving out of the truck into the service area. Yeah the truck looks like a garage doesn't it?


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