Oh Punk

Alarm Brutality...

Last night I entertained at my place until 2:00am. Shortly after, I jumped into my car and started a one hour drive to Niagara Falls to pick up a good friend who was stranded.

After picking him up we went on a mission for dinner (errr breakfast). By the time I stepped in the door, I was completely and utterly EXHAUSTED.

All I wanted to do was pass out! I valiantly fought off sleep the entire drive home. The moment I walked in the door, I tore off my clothes and dove into bed. The digital clock read 4:55am.

With braindeadness setting in, I reached over blindly and scrolled the volume wheel all the way to end to ensure that the morning alarm would ring silent. My eyes shut.

I was defintely going to sleep in...


I must've hit my head on the ceiling with the alarm clock clanged at 5:00am (for those of you math whizzes out there, that was less than five minutes from the point when I fell asleep). Instead of turning the volume wheel to the silent end of the spectrum, I had scrolled it to full blast. I'm an idiot.

Ugh, definitely not a nice feeling...


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