Oh Punk

I'm so hungry I'd...

For the past week I've been in and out of town running to and from conferences. With tight timing constraints, I've missed quite a few meals in between, so needless to say I know the meaning of "I'm hungry."

But as food-deprived as I've been, I've never experienced the starvation that the lady on my flight to Montreal did, take a look:

My friend from work pointed her out, and I just couldn't stop laughing! Play the video again. She's sooooooo hungry, she's eating her giant-ass yogurt cup with a f'ing coffee stir stick. Are you kiding me?

What a savage. She might as well stick her face in there, it's more efficient and just as less becoming of a civilized human being.

On a side and totally unrelated plane note, Thursday night we were stuck on the runway waiting to get de-iced. I just thought the processs looked cool...

* Note: We never get to fly first class, *sigh*


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