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RIP Sony CDX-M730

I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss of my Sony CDX-M730. It was an awesome car stereo deck. All black hide-away video screen, 100% motorized faceplate, hide-away control buttons and not to mention it was one of the first XM compatible head-units. It was truly a nice system. After five faithful years, I'm very sad to see it go...

... and now for it's replacement:

When getting rid of something old -- cars, girls, cameras etcs - always UPGRADE!

This is better than ANY factory navigation system out there! Forget about the standard AM/FM/CD/MP3 garbage that most decks have. This thing has GPS navigation, automotive computer interface, Satelite Radio support for not only XM and Sirius but XM Traffic Navigation (shows real time traffic data on your favourite highways -- bye bye surprise traffic jams), local broadcast television, DVD playback, and more.

How could I forget, it is fully touch screen too!

I've since returned this to the store for fears of people breaking into my car... but... owning this thing has been haunting me all day today. I think I might just go back and buy it!

The cost? Let's just say I could do an LA to Sydney, Australia run and still have over $1000 in my pocket. If I do purchase this again, it's coming straight out of my Mercedes SL 500 fund though -- grrr!

Above: Bye, bye Sony :(


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At 7:47 AM, Blogger Lil Lex said...

It looks like you're hiding shit back there

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Shaun said...

Actually I am. But nothing illegal *sigh*

Just a satelite tuner box, and a digital adapter for my old SONY.

I'd prefer to integrate the satelite into my car rather than external. Less wires. Less chances of me breaking my satelite radio etc etc.. y'know?


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