Oh Punk

Storm's a coming!

Yesterday's weather forecast said we'd be getting a pretty bad snow storm. How bad could it be? Really?

It was bad. There was just an unrelentless downfall of heavy snow, but that wasn't the problem. It was the people. They panicked. The snow covered roads became very quickly congested with a mass exodus of commuter traffic as businesses throughout the city shut down early this afternoon. This made it almost impossible to plow. Roads were covered in deep, deep snow.

Thank goodness for my winterized car:

Now I didn't have the rally car lighting set-up, but I was flying around corners like Mikko Hirvonen. Who the funk is Mikko Hirvonen you ask? Take a look! Pretty awesome... The same can't quite be said about my grocery shopping cart experience...

One good thing came out of this storm though. It was cold enough for me to roam around in public with a belaclava on...

Holy Cobra Commander! I've had this stupid belaclava lying in my car since I went tobogganing the other day, so I mightas well get my $2.88 worth out of it.

Actually, it came in handy the other day. I brought my car to a halt at a 4-way stop. It was my turn to proceed straight through the intersection into a plaza -- but -- some selfish woman decided (aren't they all?) decided she was too special to wait and tried to pull into the plaza before I did.

I wasn't going to have any of it. I stomped on the gas peddle, my engine roared to life, and I rocketed right past her car -- almost clipping her front bumper. I lipped "No fucking way bitch" as I waved my finger at her.

The lady flipped! She tossed her hands in the air as I zoomed by. As if I was at at fault! Her tires screached and she chased me down into the parking lot. In my rear view mirror I could see her uttering all sorts of curse words while point her finger at me.

I sped ahead to the end of the parking lot, quickly creating sizeable distance between her car and mine. I brought my car to a stop. I lunged over my passenger seat and pulled out my belaclava from a storage compartment. I swiftly pulled it over my head, and sat upright, waiting for her to pull along side.

A few seconds passed and the the crazy lady appeared. She pulls along side -- SCREAMING and CURSING...

... she stopped ...

... her brain registered that I was wearing a belaclava, while giving her the "Come on, come get me" gesture with my hands.

Her mouth just shut. Her face instantly turned pale, and she looked away. The lady, slowly drove away.

I watched her drive away. She drove at a safe pace, and very qucikly exited the parking lot.

It was awesome.

The thought of chasing her down, getting out of my car and banging on her window came to mind but I figured I'd wind up getting shot my some paranoid cop and/hero vigalante -- which would have been ironic because I was the good guy in this case.

I think I need to get one of those masks that Tom Cruise rocked in Vanilla Sky... hilarious!

Ahhh good times!


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At 7:31 AM, Blogger Lil Lex said...

that's hilarious. She deserves it!

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Shaun said...

Yeah she totally deserved it!

F-you son! LOL.........


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