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Five finger, correction, NO finger discount...

Do you remember when you were growing up, there was always that friend from school who would steal from stores at every chance they had? Oh come on. We all had a friend like that -- in fact -- if you don't, odds are you were that friend (or you lived in a country where they chop off hands for stealing).

Mine was a pro. He'd walk into a store and moments later emerge victorious with chips and/or candy. Although none of us condoned such behaviour (I've NEVER stolen anything in my life -- my parents would've killed me!), none of us had ever passed on the stolen candy *rolls eyes*

The weird part about it all was that not only was my friend "thugged out" and was a great rapper, he was also in the school band, fantastic at math and wound up going to university for Computer Science...

Thanks to aging and camera technology this behaviour stopped. Actually, I think my friend just wound up turning 16 and getting a job -- but also because of aging -- and also because of cameras. And although we were the noveau riche, we'd still hear about younger kids and their stealing missions. They became smarter. They would buy products and then walk back into the shopping ailses and slip "extra" product into their shopping bags... we always hoped they'd get caught, and we didn't care because we were rich ($8.50 an hour rich).

Well for present day kids those days are finally over (sorry to all you loser-teens-of-2007). It only took fifteen years for stores to come up with a solution to this phenomena. Today, after spending a few minutes doing what I do best, spending money, I was blown away at this store's anti-theft strategy:

In attempts to prevent pilferers (It means "one who pilfers" -- I added the dictionary.com link for all the you-know-whos) this store is SEALING their sold items in clear plastic shopping bags.


I didn't even notice until I tried to drop the receipt in the bag... "Why the hell isn't this going in?" But what a GREAT idea. Why didn't anyone come up with this earlier? Way to CB the punks!

So yeah... uhhh... I guess today's kids will have to come up with a new braniac idea -- ie: just buy product, remove the product from the box, re-shirnk wrap it with dead weight and return the item as if it were never opened? Nah... they're not smart enough. The stores are safe!

Disclaimer: Don't try the above. Not a good idea. Stealing is bad (see video below), it messes with traffic times for us important law-abiding commuters!

Actually, I'm really curious as to what this guy did -- I mean the cops jumped him in the middle of the street. And it looked like the cops were STRUGGLING! If we got there a couple minutes early, think I would've jumped out and helped them. Probably in a totally unconventional/illegal kicking and punching kind of way, but I'm sure they would appreciate the help. "Bake 'em away toys!"

On a completely different note, apparently I don't give credit on my site. For instance the photographer of this incident. I actually would not like to give props to the person who was filming, however I would like to give props to whoever was driving that night (me). Think about it: the photographer would not have got that footage without a driver, y'know?


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At 8:18 AM, Blogger Lil Lex said...

Yo, that's me that took the video, fucker! The guy you're talking about that stole shit, however, I don't know who that was.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Shaun said...

Like I said.. props for the driver!

As for the thief... yeah.. I don't know who he was either. His old password was STRAPPED though!


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