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I am Shaun-a-than...

It's been a couple months since my last real vacation -- weekend getaways certainly don't count -- and I'm impatiently counting down to the Mayan Riviera this Saturday. T-minus two days...

I was flipping through vacation pictures from this past summer and stumbled upon this gem!

Everyone morning (errr afternoon) we would wake up and *scare* the heck out of sunbathers that were enjoying tranquility near our hotel room. Take a look, and make sure your sound is turned WAY up:

I can't help but laugh when the lady in foreground jumps up out at the second "trumpet" sound! Tragically, my camera didn't caputer everyone's reaction -- but believe me -- it was fantastic! *shakes head*


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At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

Yay!!!! So glad you are back!!! Funny shit!

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Shaun said...

awwww! thank you :) hehe


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