Oh Punk

Kids these days!

First of all, what the heck is this?

I booked a couple days off work this week and decided to get a head start on Christmas shopping -- I do happen to live across the street from a mega-mall ("What's up hot under paid mall girls?")

As usual, I wound up shopping for myself. But I was in desperate need of a new ball cap. Easy? Not really!

Let me tell you, it's almost impossible to buy baseball caps these days. Whatever happened to the old plain-jane baseball caps? You know the ones with the plastic strap on the back? Am I that old? Do all caps come fitted and cost $55? Apparently so.

Baseball caps no longer come in your choice of New York Yankees or Chicago White Sox but rather Rims, Bones, Dollar-Dollar-Bill-yo Signs or a combination of all three (as pictured above). And the worst part of it all? The colours included GOLD! Ugh, I'm officially old!

But... thankfully... not old enough to *not* be considered "down."

I walked into another store -- a very corporate and nationally branded store mind you -- and spotted a nice jacket. It would make the perfect present for someone on my list. I looked at the pricetag. It was on sale: $249.99

The store was empty except for a young hipster looking guy who gave me the old head nod when I walked into the store.

He was on the phone: "If you f-ing want your job your ass better make your shift tonight. Seriously guy, I don't give a care. Get - your - ass - here..."

He was the manager.

When he finshed his call he sauntered over and asked if I needed any help.

I asked if he could do something about the price, afterall he was the manager!

He quickly responded "The best I can do is no tax..."

"That's all? Can't do any better?" I smirked.

He looked around.

The store was dead.

He quickly added "... or if you pass me $100 cash we'll call it a deal!"

Yo! He was offerring to steal the coat for me for $100. Right infront of the cameras and everything. Hardcore -- well as far as retail is concerned.

Of course, I'm a law abiding citizen (not to mention old). I would have nothing to do with those sorts of shady shananigans. I paid full price, but was honoured that I was down enough to get offered a hook up from a random stranger.

I should rock my Rims, Bones and Dollar Sign cap in public more often! Talk about insta-street cred. Fancyboy Hugo Boss jacket + Gold punk cap. A match made in Heaven.

Can't stop, won't stop...


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