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Ocho Cinco

It's a shame the NO FUN LEAGUE has clamped down on creative celebrations. They deem them to be *excessive* and anyone who participates will be *fined*. Sounds like Nazi-ism to me. So that's what the N stands for...

I miss the days when players such as TO would smuggle a marker in his sock, just so he could pull it out and autograph his touchdown ball! Damn.

Or when Chad Johnson, Mr. Ocho Cinco himself, celebrated in the end zone and was fined. The next week he scored a touchdown and instead of celebtrating he pulled out a sign that read "Dear NFL, PLEASE don't fine me AGAIN!!!!!"

Those were certainly the days. This weekend brought back some of that nostalgia.

Did anyone see Chad's touchdown celebration antics last night? Props guy, props!

Not only did the Begnals earn a 15-yard penalty on this celebration, you know Chad is getting fined at some point this week. "$10,000? Who cares? I'm rich bitch!"

I'm so getting a Chad Johnson jersey -- I might even get the gold teeth!

Some of his past of his past celebrations included performing CPR on a football, doing a Cindi Lauper 80's dance, putting a pylon and even proposing to a cheerleader! So awesome. For a list of all his antics, click here.

One a side note, I did a "Chad Dance" search on Google. Ugh, here's what I found.

This is what I was really looking for. *sigh* I totally would have won that contest!


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At 9:49 PM, Blogger Lil Lex said...

It's the same thing in Basketball. Taunting gets you a technical foul. It's probably best, though, cuz if you start taunting on the court, your opponent is likely to punch you in the face.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Shaun said...

Which would give you MAD praise from the marketing folks in the NHL!


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