Oh Punk

Down with mega-clubs!

It's 4:30am and I'm finally in bed after a night at one of those thousand people capacity mega-clubs... 

Not only did I have to pay cover (Are you kidding me? Me pay cover?), but I had to put up with a sea of young wannabe tramps, punk youths and attitude!  What's with the pretentiousness from these club brats? What's to be pretentious about when you are like a student (or have some lame entry level / retail job) ride the bus and live at home? Get outta here!

I finally lost it when I was leaving cost check.  A person was blocking my exit path so I tapped them gently and said "excuse me." The person looked at me and immediately turned back to talk to their friends as if I was troubling them.

Are you kidding me? I wouldn't have this. Not in this environment at least. I put two hands on their shoulders and flung them aside -- "Move b*tch, get out the way, get out the way...."

It was mildly amusing watching them and their drink fly into a crowd of nearby people.  Sadly there was no retaliation. Tragic. I wanted to try out some new ninja moves that I learned in that Presidents of the United States of America video on YouTube --"millions of peaches, peaches for me!"

Oh well, another lesson taught! I should be nick named
"The teacher."

I'm too old for this stuff - I *think* I need to get married...

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