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Three little things...

During the hustle and bustle of a regular work week, there's no room for the little things that make us happy!

This week I was off. I took advantage of that and indulged in the parties, late nights and drinks... but there were still three little things that I can't normally do during a work week that really brought a smile to my face...


Think about all the times you've hit the snooze button, praying for just a few more minutes. Not this week. Alarm 0 - Shaun 7. Daily life without an alarm is divine! I love my bed..


For most of us guys, daily shaving is such a chore. I tossed my razor this week and went the way of most homlii -- stubble, stubble, beard. Unfortunately, I'm clean shaven again. *sigh*


Ring, Ring? Borrrring! *snore* Without the fear of something ridiculous blasting from my phone while in the office, I can rock the We Fly High by Jim Jones ring tone! BALLIN!!!!!!!!! Best ring tone ever...


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At 6:21 PM, Blogger COCO said...

Eventhough I'm a girl I know about shaving being a burden. I am a Firefighter and the guys need to stay clean shaven, for safety reasons with the face mask. I'm glad I dont have to deal with it though...TOOOO much work for me!!!

Jim Jones rocks!!!

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Shaun said...

Shave for safety reasons with the mask? That's interesting.. never heard of that! wow!

But you're lucky. I've got to shave tomorrow morning *sigh*

And.. yeah Jim Jones.. lol.. as old as that "Fly high" track is.. it's still good!


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