Oh Punk

I'm baaaaaaaack...

Wow, has it ever been a long time since I logged into me blog. Do not act surprised. You all know I have done this repeatedly throughout my 14 year blogging career.

Think of OhPunk! as a bad crack dealer. It gets you hooked and suddenly disappears. However, unlike the crack dealer, my blog comes back. And that's what matters? Right? Call me the Prodigal Son, for I have returned.

Like all your favourite biblical characters, I have returned with quite a few projects on the go. My book writing is in full gear, I am working on a fantastic screen play (watch your back Apatow) and dabbling with some acting!

So why wouldn't I blog again? It's the perfect project compliment. And, as a devout writer, I sincerely promise to continually update this site. Unlike certain people, I will not forsake you.

And hopefully I'll be able to scrape up enough coin to pick up a new Lamborghini..

... beacuse we all know that A-list chicks don't dig guys in Acuras. Sorry RSXXXY!


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