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Miami to Ibiza, let's burn that place down!

I was flipping through YouTube and noticed that The Swedish House Mafia has a music video called Miami to Ibiza. It idolizes the lifestyle of those locales.

I had the fortune of actually going to Miami and Ibiza this past year. And yes, Miami (some of it) is definitely a star studded, glamorous strip with great restaurants and beautiful beaches...

But, what's the deal with Ibiza? I mean from the postcards and Venga Boy propaganda it seems like a Mediterranean paradise...

... up close, it's nothing like the above picture. The beaches aren't pretty; they're course, filthy and littered with sea plants & cigarette butts!

The hotels are archaic, the streets smell like vomit & urine, and it felt like I went back in time by 30 years. The clubs are weak and the island is pretty much poverty stricken.

I should've known the island sucked when our airpor cab was doing her nails while driving. Fock!

If you're from a small Bratislavan town, maybe the trashy disco-tech appeal is the greatest thing since voting, but for me, you'll NEVER catch me there again.

Do Vegas. Do Miami. Do a winery tour in Kazakhstan!

Just don't go to Ibiza,

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At 8:23 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

You need to watch "Its All Gone Pete Tong"


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