Oh Punk

Waffles, breakfast of champions!

I had some pretty stellar tickets to tonight's vs Boston Bruins hockey game Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game at the Air Canada Centre.

In typical fashion, the Leafs lost. Surprise, surprise.

Personally? I don't care. In my bubble world, hockey is almost a figment of my imagination -- but -- the die hard fans, they're hurting. Look at them, it has come to this (video of pic below):

The fans are so angry at Leafs General Manager, Brian Burke, that they're throwing waffles onto the ice.

Why? Because the Leafs had to rebuild the entire team and instead they traded away draft picks and prospects for slacker players. They went for a quick fix, kinda how an Eggo Waffle is compared to a full healthy breakfast.

Anyway, with that said, hilarity has ensued. There are waffles and wafflers everywhere:

There's even a Twitter feed by the EGGO BOMBER. For real? I might just start watching hockey to get in on this. It's great. Even the players are even upset:

If you're going to rank 29th place out of 30 teams, you better learn to live with this ridicule. What a bunch of babies.

Speaking of babies I cried myself last night. Take a look at the winning 50/50 draw ticket for $6,400 cash:

... and now, take a look at my ticket:

Off by two numbers! If I bought my tickets 30 seconds later. The horror. The heartache! So much for that $6,000 jacket I've been eyeing.

FML, or as Leafnation would say FTML. *insert fog horn sound*

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At 8:21 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

It would have been wicked if you won.


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